Good To Have Met You!

It was really good to meet you the other day (and I know that because I never give my card to people I didn't enjoy meeting)

Now – how can I help you?

EF Images offers:

1.       Digital Images – For which you get a 10% discount because I really did enjoy meeting you (just enter PERKS into the coupon field at checkout). You can browse my work here

2.     Pictures Of You Or Family And Friends – For which you also get a 10% discount

3.       Pictures For Your Business – For which you may or may not qualify for a discount – all NGOs and Charities do 

4.       Photojournalism Commissions – I'm currently in Beirut, Lebanon - feel free to get in touch if you have an interest in that area

If there is something else that you’d like, ask! I’ll do my best to accommodate you.

Should you wish to find out a bit more about me, you can do so here.

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